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Why Dak?

Dak is an ISO 9001:2015 company manufacturing a wide range of testing equipments used extensively across various industries for testing the physical properties of the samples/specimen with quality management system. Our special design and technical team works towards the designated specifications to meet the customers requirement for quality, repeatability and accuracy for multi dimensional specimen types, dimensions and applications along with various types of tests like tensile, compression, flexural, hysteresis, impact testing, fracture, toughness, stress, rupture, under heat treatment and cold temperature conditions, torque testing, density measurement and fatigue testing. Our commitment to constantly meeting the clients testing requirement is evident in our continuous up-gradation of our products, technology and user-friendliness providing an absolute up to the minute technology hence providing our customers with latest trend in the testing field. For the ultimate testing reproducibility Dak offers:

Range of sophisticated systems featuring complete computer control of the key test parameters.

An almost unlimited range of quality control testing applications.

Simple force and torque gauges to sophisticated computer -controlled testing systems, as well as a diverse assortment of grips and accessories

Test Bench, Dak’s powerful yet user-friendly control software

A simple platform for routine analyses on the factory floor

An advanced platform for sophisticated laboratory test routines

Modular Test Systems Approach: Dak’ systems are configured from a number of standardized hardware and software modules, configured for each customer’s specific application. Additional modules and accessories may be added to the system at a later date. Our goal is to further enable easy customer access to high quality products and engineering resources. We are an engineering company with extensive expertise and testing experience – our engineers have been at the forefront of test control and measurement for over thirty years. Dak’ product lines have expanded and continued to be profitable during challenging times for our customers and our industry as a whole. Our pace of development is trailblazing, and includes a variety of innovations. Our business strategy is to provide customers with experienced application engineers having a track record for delivering solutions.

Solid Foundation Enables Innovation: Dak was founded by engineers and research scientists steeped in mechanical testing applications. Their goal was to respond to expanding demand by test engineers seeking affordable, pragmatic hardware and software matched to their testing needs. Dak Group has become established as product and service providers for clients all over India and has its base in Japan, Thailand, Middle East and now has plans for establishing the other parts of the world. Dak has its established corporate office at Mumbai, India.

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