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Dak is renowned in the field of sample gripping fixture with more than 200+ types of gripping solution. We can cater to almost all kinds of testing application. It is important to select grips of good design & quality so that the samples under test does not break within the grip also an accurate gripping solution ensures that the test is completely conducted & the sample breaks at the correct point. With our sophisticated gripping applications like Side-Action Pneumatic & Hydraulic gripping solutions, fixtures got more accurate & reliable.

Dak is known for creating user-friendly high performance-oriented & versatile grips & fixtures having testing applications in over 45 industries providing test solutions for Tension, Compression, Cyclic, Shear Test etc. With our customer-friendly application, you can conduct the test in various unit systems of your choice. With the advanced formulae editor, you can not only design the formula as per the Industry standards but also introduce customised data points enabling you to retrieve the data as per your specific requirement. You can also export the results to an external application like MS Word, Excel, PDF etc, with the line graph you can not only observe the test performance live while the test is going on but also conduct a comparative study across samples even after the test is over (post-test analysis).

Types of Accessories available with DAK to ensure accurate, reliable & repeatable testing: (click on the embedded link for more information)

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