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Dak is an ISO 9001:2015 company manufacturing a wide range of testing equipment used extensively across various industries for testing the physical properties of the samples/ specimen with the quality management system. Our special design and technical teamwork towards the designated specifications to meet the customer’s requirement for quality, repeatability and accuracy for multidimensional specimen types, dimensions and applications along with various types of tests like tensile, compression, flexural, hysteresis, impact testing, fracture, toughness, stress, rupture, under heat treatment and cold temperature conditions, torque testing, density measurement and fatigue testing. Our commitment to constantly meeting the clients testing requirement is evident in our continuous up-gradation of our products, technology and user-friendliness providing an absolute up-to-the-minute technology hence providing our customers with the latest trend in the testing field.

For the ultimate testing reproducibility, Dak offers: (click on embedded links for more information)

1) Universal Testing Machines, popularly known as UTM. We have two models in the UTM

a) Series 7200 – The Advanced Generation Machine 

b) Series 9000 – The Base Model 

2) Fatigue Testing Machines 

3) Moving Die Rheometers, popularly known as MDR.

4) Rubber Process Analyser, popularly known as RPA.

5) Torsion Testing Machine

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