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Torsion Testing Machine

At DAK, we provide a comprehensive range of options for torsion testing. Our selection includes stand-alone torsion testing machines with varying force capacities, as well as a torsion add-on that enables you to transform an axial-only system into a biaxial testing system. Additionally, our dynamic and fatigue testing machines offer the ability to conduct both axial and torsional testing. Whatever your specific torsion testing needs may be, we have the equipment to meet them.

KEY Differentiator

Drive & motor system, Loadcells, Software & electronics, with a slick state of the art design & powered with high safety package offers a noiseless & accident proof testing experience.

  • Torque cartridge of 200 N-mm with display as 200.00 having resolution of 0.01 N-mm.
  • Test Bench software for creation of any type of test procedure, Conducting test, Reanalyzing the data for reviewing and further processing.
  • Additional Torque cartridge of 20 N-mm with display as 20.000 having resolution of 0.001 N-mm.
  • 0.2N-mm to 2000 N-mm capacity
  • Digital AC servo Motor Drive for automatic testing.
  • Rotating speed settable through wide range in terms of deg/min.
  • Smart interchangeable torque cartridges.
  • Easily interchangeable tooling.
  • Deflection compensation.
  • Absolute zeroing.
  • Rapid changeovers.
  • Virtually unlimited data /program storage with PC mode of operation.
  • Digital calibration.
  • Test Bench software enables to perform single cycle, Hysteresis and low cycle fatigue testing.
  • Extract data’s of Torque and degree from large curve data.
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