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High Elongation Extensometer

The high elongation extensometer is designed to measure the ‘stretch’ of a wide range of materials including plastics, rubber and elastomers testing, These extensometers have very long measuring ranges. Their unique design allows testing to failure and minimizes interaction with the sample. The initial measuring length, or gauge length, can be changed to suit the specimen size or the test standard that is being applied.

KEY Differentiator

Extension is measured by attaching two counterbalanced extensometer clamps to the specimen at a pre-selected gauge length. When tensile forces are applied to the specimen by the testing machine, the slightest change in gauge length is measured by an optical encoder. These models use high precision and its thumbscrew mechanism ensures accurate gauge length adjustment. The HI-EL-933extensometer can be fitted to all sizes of screw driven material testing machine.

  • Quick release clamps
  • Single-handed specimen loading
  • Adjustable gage length
  • Spring-adjustable clamping force

Rigid and non-sensitive design especially for testing of rubbers and elastomers showing a tendency to wrap around the sensor arms at failure may be left on through specimen failure. The main body is stationary with only the lightweight traveling heads moving.

Large measuring range- 800 mm.

Low cost, high accuracy elastomers strain measurement.

  • Gauge length adjustable from 15mm to 50mm
  • Travel range 800mm
  • Resolution 0.01mm(10 microns) with series 9000
  • Gauge Length adjustable from 15mm to 50mm
  • Travel range 1000mm (extendable to 1500mm up on
    special request, exclusive to Series 7200)
  • Resolution 0.005mm (exclusive to Series 7200)
  • Accuracy of 0.05%(exclusive to Series 7200)
  • Suitable for Elastomeric materials like polymers, rubbers, plastics etc

Axial Measurement

• Elastomeric testing
• Plastics testing
• Testing of materials having high elongation properties
• Cellular materials

Common Standards

ASTM D412, ISO 37, ASTM D882, ISO 527-3

Various Extension Ranges

• Travel range 1000mm
• Extendable to 1500mm up on request, exclusive to Series 7200

Type of Loading


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