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Grips & Fixtures

Push & Pull Out Gripping Fixtures

Valve Pull Out Fixture - TJ 130

About the Grip

For measurement of Pull Out force of various sizes of Tube Valves used in tyre tubes.

Tyre Valve Pull Out & Insertion Test - TJ 162

About the Grip
  • Used for pull out test of the tyre valve.
  • Diameter range can be customised as per the end use & application

H- Adhesion- For Sealants TJ-131

About the Grip

For measurement of Adhesive forces of sealants.

Tile Adhesion Fixture for concrete - TN 235

About the Grip

– For measurement of adhesive forces of various sealants in a multi-sample setup.

– Each testing table comes with a concrete – dolly setup with a Top pull out fixture.

– Saves times due to the X-Y movement of the table and multiple samples are tested efficiently.

– YouTube link to see the testing video :

Perpendicular Grain Tensile – TJ 148

About the Grip

– For testing specialized shaped wooden samples as per ASTM D143 & BS 373

Parallel Grain Tensile – TJ 149

About the Grip

– Tensile testing of Wooden Dumbell samples.

– Sample dimensions 25mm x 50mm x 460mm (check with the sales office for customised sample testing.)

– Testing Standard ASTM 413 & BS 373.

Cleavage Test for Monnin Specimen – TJ 151

About the Grip

– For testing Monnin type wood specimen.

– Crosssection 50mm x 76mm.

– Samples as per ASTM D143 & BS 373.

Nail or Screw withdrawal – TJ 147

About the Grip

– For measurement of Max load to withdraw Screw or Nails from the wood specimen.

– ASTM D1037, ASTM D413 & ASTM D 1761.

– Sample size 50mm x 50mm x 150mm.

Needle Piercing Force Measurement- TJ 139


Attachment for measurement of Needle Piercing force measurement.

Syringe Push Test fixture-TJ 201

About the Grip

– This Syringe-Push Test Fixture can accommodate a variety of syringe sizes and volumes.

– Designed to meet the test requirements of ISO 7886-1 Annex G for sterile, single-use hypodermic syringes.

– This includes any plastic syringe used for the injection or aspiration of fluids but excludes insulin syringes, glass syringes,  syringes with permanent needles, syringes with power-driven pumps pre-filled syringes or injection kit syringes.

According to ISO 7886-1 the syringes must be tested at 100 mm/min and operational forces are measured as a function of three different volumes:
– Less than 2 ml
– Between 2ml & 50 ml
– Greater than 50 ml
– This fixture allows for precise friction measurement for syringe plungers.
– Allows for force measurements to eject medications from syringe or syringe/needle devices.

Syringe Insertion Force Measurement Fixture- TJ 202

About the Grip
– The Syringe Test Fixture is designed to determine the forces necessary to collect the force v/s time data in an effort to evaluate the performance of syringes and syringe/needle combinations.
– It determines breakaway forces at the beginning of injections as well as sustaining forces throughout the injection process.
– This fixture can also be positioned downwards to perform a needle cap pull-off test (lower grip to perform needle pul-off is not included).
This fixture allows for the ejection of medications and fluids from syringes or needle devices.
  • Syringe Testing
  • Blood & Urine Bag
  • Bio Bath
  • Gloves
  • Syringe Needles
  • Catheter
  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Capsules & Tablets
– Maximum syringe diameter 20mm (O.78 in)
– Includes two threaded holes for the optional drip tray.
– Ease of plunger movement test as per ISO 7886-1
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